26-28 February 2016

Pearls for dancers – Registration is open!

TamPerla suomeksi

Argentiinalaisen tangon alkeiskurssi / beginners workshops


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Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou (Greece)

Stunning performers and pedagogical teachers from Greece. This charming couple amazed the Finnish tango scene in 2015, and were quickly invited back to Helsinki the same year. They have been dancing tango since 2000, and are considered one of the couples mainly responsible for the distribution and establishment of the tango scene around Greece. They have toured Europe extensively, and taught and performed at big festivals around the continent. Loukas & Georgia will teach a total of six workshops during the festival, and perform in the Grand milonga on saturday. Read more on Loukas & Georgia’s website.


Pasi & Maria Laurén (Finland)

Tampere’s own talented, warm-hearted, and hard-working dancers and teachers. Pasi & Maria have been dancing Argentine tango since 2000 and teaching together since 2005. In their teaching they among other things use knowledge of Alexander technique for movement analysis and draw inspiration from their most influential teacher Gustavo Naveira. Pasi & Maria are hosting the festival, and will perform in the Festival opening milonga on friday. Read more on Pasi & Maria’s website.


Friday 26 February

  • 18:00-19:30 Workshop 1, Loukas & Georgia: Posture and embrace. Analysing the musical phrase. Creating “free time” for our followers inside the phrase and typical examples (intermediate / intermediate-advanced level).
  • 20:30-02:00 Festival opening milonga, Ravintola Laterna, DJ Jaana Hänninen, performance by Pasi & Maria, live music by Ville Hiltula, Joanna Broman, Mervi Myllyoja, and Maarit Salminen

Saturday 27 February

  • 11:00-15:00 Beginners workshop 1/2, Henrik & Susanna
  • 12:00-13:30 Workshop 2, Loukas & Georgia:  Playing with the most typical paradas (intermediate level).
  • 14:00-15:30 Workshop 3, Loukas & Georgia: Milonga linear sequences (intermediate-advanced level).
  • 16:00-17:30 Workshop 4, Loukas & Georgia: Turning in common axis in close embrace. Technical analysis and examples (advanced level).
  • 20:00-02:00 Grand milonga, Suomalaisen Klubin Marskin sali, DJ Antti Suniala, performance by Loukas & Georgia

Sunday 28 February

  • 12:00-14:00 Beginners workshop 2/2, Henrik & Susanna
  • 13:00-14:30 Workshop 5, Loukas & Georgia: Milonga turning sequences (intermediate-advanced level).
  • 15:00-16:30 Workshop 6, Loukas & Georgia: Our favorite variations. Sometimes we have to make it fast!!! How we manage to achieve some extra speed working with common elements (advanced level).
  • 18:00-24:00 Festival closing milonga “woolen socks”, Kaupinojan sauna, DJ Bernt “Andrés” Drange

Workshops and milongas

Loukas & Georgia’s workshops: at GL-salonki, Satakunnankatu 28 B, Tampere (see Google Maps). Use the door buzzer to get in and follow the signs that say “Tango aMoroso”. Price 25€/person/workshop. Please note that for people living in Finland, Tango aMoroso membership is required for attending the workshops.

Festival opening milonga: 20:30-02:00, 20€ at  Ravintola Laterna, Puutarhakatu 11, Tampere (Google Map). Doors open at 20:00, DJ Jaana Hänninen starts playing at 20:30. Pasi & Maria Laurén will perform during the evening. Live music will be performed by the super group Ville Hiltula (bandoneon), Joanna Broman (piano), Mervi Myllyoja (violin), and Maarit Salminen (vocals). The live music sets will be at about 9 pm and 10 pm. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.

Saturday Grand milonga: 20:00-02:00, 20€ at Suomalaisen Klubin Marskin sali, Puutarhakatu 13, Tampere (see Google Map). Loukas & Georgia will perform. DJ Antti Suniala will be in charge of the music. The bar is open during the milonga and before the milonga a tango dinner will be served, see below for more information.

Closing milonga “woolen socks”: 18:00-24:00 (15€) on Sunday will be an exotic sauna milonga danced with woolen socks or soft slippers/sneakers at Kaupinojan sauna‘s “takkatupa” (fireplace room). The sauna is located at Kaupinpuistonkatu 1, Tampere (see Google Map), by the lake. The public sauna is open until 9 pm, the sauna fee is 7€. Between 9pm and 10pm the sauna is reserved for TamPerla quests (fee included in the 15€ milonga ticket). Tango aMoroso will provide coffee and snacks, moreover the guests can bring their own beverages. There will be slippers for the early comers! Music for the milonga is provided by DJ Bernt “Andrés” Drange.

Beginners workshops: Step Dance Club, at Viinikankatu 45, Tampere (Google Map). Price 40€/person for both workshops. Read more about the beginners workshops.

Tango dinner

At Suomalainen Klubi, saturday 27 February, at 6-9 pm, cost 19€. Booking deadline 19 February (see “Registration” below).


  • Salad with local cheese (salads, bell pepper, tomato, cheese)
  • Marinated cabbage salad (white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, dressing)
  • Salad niçoise à la Tampere (peas, salads, egg, red onion, gravlax)
  • Fresh bread, butter from Heikkilä farm
  • Poached salmon, boiled potatoes, dill sauce, butter glazed vegetables
  • Pork loin, Jaloviina sauce, boiled potatoes, butter glazed vegetables

Be sure to mention any allergy/special diet in your registration.


International guests: by e-mail to “tangoamoroso at gmail dot com”. Finnish participants, please use this form. Please note:

  • Only pairwise registrations to the workhops. Price 25€/person/workshop.
  • Payment in advance via bank transfer (instructions in the confirmation mail).
  • Separate registration to the beginners workshops.

State the following in the e-mail:

  • If attending the workshops, specify which (WS1-WS6) and state the names and e-mail addresses of both people attending the workshops.
  • If attending the dinner, state if one or both of you attend, and state any allergies/special diets.
  • State if you will be paying together or separately.

For any questions, do not hesitate to send e-mail to “tangoamoroso at gmail dot com”.

Accommodation & practical information


TamPerla Minifestival de Tango Argentino is organised by Tango aMoroso Association. Maria Elisabet Laurén is the festival hostess and artistic director.